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PS4 Pro. Xbox One X. FIFA Nintendo Switch. Apple Watch. Sim Only. In both cases I have had to uninstall the phone app, reboot and reinstall to get the system to register again. The sync module has struggled to connect to both cameras, one at the front of the house and the other at the rear and I have had to bodge where it currently sits - equidistant from each camera - until I can sort something more permanent.

The cameras are around 4m from the sync module. In the case of Blink it is all controlled and viewed via the phone app. I'd rather it allowed both phone app and desktop computer access so that I could review the video, download to where I want it, if I want to keep it, and delete if not, without eating into battery life. Like all motion activated stuff, there is a slight delay between the person triggering the camera and the recording. This isn't a huge problem, but I would suggest you position the cameras so that you will still get a worthwhile video after activation - too high and you'll only get the top of whoever's head.

The camera mounts are pants! The design is such that you screw the mount, to the wall and then simply snap the camera to the mount. Re-positioning can be fun as the camera often wants to snap off the mount rather than move it. If the camera is low enough to be reached, it can easily be pulled off an carried away you'd probably have a video of them stealing it, but I'd rather have the video of them trying AND the camera! The mounts are also quite short, so this restricts how you can mount the cameras. I needed to mount on the side of the house and the mounts were just not long enough to get the right angle back down the alley.

I bought some third-party mounts that encase the camera, so are a bit more secure, have a ball and socket joint to enable much more scope with positioning, and are about 3 times as long as the standard mounts which meant I could get the camera far enough out from the wall and angled almost parallel to it. As for spurious triggering, it has been limited for me.

This is mainly because the one at the rear of the house doesn't see much movement - mainly me going out the back or a fox at night. Washing on a windy day did also trigger it repeatedly, but adjustment in the area settings, and not hanging washing right up to the end of the line has sorted that. The other camera is currently mounted inside the porch and the angle is such that traffic isn't detected. The Ring2 doorbell, however, does get a fair bit of triggering from traffic or, more likely, people walking past. They do what I want them to to, but they are not perfect.

I am planning to buy another pair at some point with the intention of having a sync module each at the front and back of the house, but am in no rush so will probably wait to see if the price drops further.

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All my smart devices run on 2. In fact I've changed my broadband provider to have 5ghz in order to avoid interference. Luckily my router is dual, now on 2. I've changed my router after reading 'advice' here.

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Sometimes we create a problem that does not exist. I guess the person you replied to is not 'one of the lucky ones' otherwise there will be plenty of negative comments here. Perhaps they are way more lucky ones than unlucky ones. But I agree with you, this scenario can or will happen. If you're unlucky. Somebody else on the street had the same like mine and when he was having visitors, mine was ringing too. I would avoid unless you have a log driveway or live in a quiet culdesac personally.

Why wait till black Friday You could also look at Mythic Beasts, as they have good prices across the board and good service. Since the pound tanked as you say! For a non-subscriber, would it be worth signing up for a month to get this and the free Home Mini? Would that work or is there a lag before offers appear?

This is fine, really. Just a basic laptop for homework, email etc, and you get office included. Everyone has different opinions and needs. My God that logo is awful.

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IBM can't do better than an art student putting in a minute or twos effort to make a fiver! Gosh, they really are up against it. They've had to resort to giving it away.

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If you know how to code and deploy for PaaS fill yr boots. People still having lag issues or has this been sorted with some update? Tempted to take the plunge at this price. We have mb broadband and the router would be about feet away from the doorbell.

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I would think these are prime conditions but just get put off after having read some negative reviews. I noticed that this would never be useful to me, as people never ring my bell but love knocking on the door, wth. I understand the appeal of getting something new rather than used but when looking for a cheap laptop for everyday use I'd recommend picking up a used one from ebay. Yes it's an old i5 but it's still far more powerful than what you'd get in the HP laptop. Regardless of the price it can be found cheaper - even if perhaps not pink , this computer comes with "32GB of storage".

The machine will choke at the next occasion that Windows wants to do a major upgrade. They are a total waste of resources. I have bought several over the years and they have all been excellent. Hope this helps. Never used the Yi.